Our Story

The Talentrix Group is a Canadian owned consulting firm that is driven to enable organizations use HR activities, supported by talent analytics, to build organizations that are known for both excellence in performance and employee engagement.

Our dedicated and passionate group of professionals actively promote the importance of talent analytics in human capital management initiatives as we know the value of the data that your everyday HR processes create. More importantly, we know that this data can directly impact your business outcomes if you can capture, understand and then act on it.

Our Vision

At the Talentrix Group, we aim to do things a little differently as we have seen first-hand how organizations using talent analytics have experienced improved business outcomes. We believe that analytics are essential for any organization interested in talent management as it enables them to be able to analyze large amounts of raw data related to their personnel (discovery) and then convert them into intelligent data (interpretation) which is used to directly support strategic decisions related to an organization’s human resources management practices (communication and action).

The Talentrix Group provides organizations the opportunity for a sustainable competitive advantage through the introduction of best in class artificial intelligence and cognitive technology solutions that are used to identify HR trends and potential challenges in a company or enlighten organizations on the reason behind certain occurrences happening with their personnel (e.g. high turnover rates, lower productivity, etc. ). These insights are then converted into strategies that may help attract new talent, train and develop existing personnel or ensure the retention of an organization’s high performers.

Our experience, supported by notable research studies, has been that the use of analytics leads to substantial improvements in the results obtained by an organization’s talent management practices. The obvious benefit on the use of talent analytics for organizations is that it converts people-related data into valuable insight which can be used to evaluate the tangible impacts of an HR program or process and determine its Return on Investment (ROI).

What We Do

The Talentrix Group works closely with a variety of businesses with wide-ranging profiles, for example :

  • organizations that have talent management activities already in place but are trying to solve a new HR-related challenge;
  • companies that need help in introducing assessments or talent analytics into their hiring practices to improve their efficiency and decision-making;
  • established institutions that need talent identification services for their HIPO programs;
  • new start-ups that require a talent management strategy for their growing business;
  • Etc.

We are able to collaborate with each of these different organizational profiles as the solutions we propose are adaptable and scalable and by incorporating them into our own proprietary processes, we are able to ensure that they meet your specific needs and budget.

Our objective is to focus on the areas that are important to your business and produce actionable insights based on data collected to positively impact your key performance indicators. Our solutions incorporate talent-related big data already existing within an organization’s HR processes or software or we can help you create and capture talent data using our tools and technologies.

Talentrix Approach

Once we have clearly understood the problem or question you are trying to solve, the Talentrix Group will use its experience and the latest cognitive technologies and psychometric tools to design and implement scalable solutions across any of your HR functions. Whether it be for recruitment, performance management, leadership or training and development initiatives, our solutions will enable you to attract, hire, engage and retain your top talent.

The Talentrix Group also understands that leveraging HR data to improve business results is a journey. We will work with your team at every step of the way as we analyze and form new insights that will provide actions and solutions that will drive significantly better performance from your workforce and improve your business outcomes.

Does this sound interesting and do you want to work closely with a group of passionate experts who are known for their innovative thinking and consultative approach? Then give us a call or contact us today as we are ready to take on the talent analytic challenges that can help drive your business success!