Tony Marinelli

Advisory Board


Tony Marinelli is an accomplished entrepreneur and executive in the Information Technology and Digital Marketing sector. Over the past 30 years, he has managed and transformed technology start-ups into profitable SMEs, employing hundreds of people. During his career, he has developed strong relationships with key stakeholders in the venture capital industry and has established strategic partnerships with renowned high-tech companies. Tony also has extensive experience with large corporations, including developing, selling and delivering complex technology solutions to Fortune 500 companies. While staying up-to-date on advances and opportunities in his field, over the last 10 years Mr. Marinelli has focused his activities on the emerging synergy between marketing and technology, with a focus on e-business solutions, e-commerce, OmniChannel and digital marketing. Talentrix Group and our clients benefit from his expertise in:

  • International business development activities;
  • Financing technology-related projects;
  • Executive coaching and support to management teams;
  • Negotiation and the establishment of strategic partnerships.