Sabrina Poirier, Ph.D.

Multi-disciplinary team


Sabrina Poirier is a professional and executive with significant experience in the execution of human capital management initiatives that have resulted in supporting the effective execution of an organization’s business plan and that of its business units. Having worked for more than 15 years in a human resources and management consulting firm, Sabrina has consulted on files on behalf of hundreds of organizations from a variety of economic sectors. She holds a Ph.D. in Industrial Relations and is a Managing Partner at the Talentrix Group where she offers her expertise and consulting services in the following three vectors:

  • Talent Analytics and Engagement Surveys
  • Assessment of skills and potential
  • Competency and Leadership Development

Through her understanding of the issues inherent to the human resources management function, Sabrina is recognized for her ability to develop, lead and implement action plans that introduce new initiatives or to fully execute HR projects. She is known for her ability to skillfully communicate with partners and internal and external stakeholders and for her active listening skills. Sabrina is able to accompany and support organizations in their transitions by finding creative ways to solve organizational change management issues and present tailored recommendations.