When recruiting a new employee, managing a reorganization, an unexpected departure or planning a succession strategy, managers and their HR business partners may sometimes feel as though they are playing a game of chance if the right tool or approach is not being used to assess talent.

It is well known that the cost associated with an incorrect decision can be quite substantial and it is especially true in our current context of a shortage of available talent in the marketplace. It is therefore essential to have as much data as possible on the strengths of an individual and the areas of potential risk associated to a candidate before committing to a letter of offer.

In fact, collecting talent data is a crucial step as individuals differ greatly from one another in terms of abilities, personal characteristics, sources of motivation, values, interests, etc. It is also a great source of data to capture as some of these attributes are generally stable over time. While these characteristics are often difficult to observe in a standard interview, they can be quantified using a variety of assessment tools that have been developed and validated over the years by organizational psychologists.

The Talentrix Group incorporates several different hiring tests and a variety of psychometric tools into their practice. This helps us provide our clients with essential information on an individual during the hiring stage and which can also be used in subsequent career development activities.

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IBM-Talent Management Solutions

As a proud IBM Business Partner, The Talentrix Group has in-depth knowledge of the full range assessment products in their Talent Management Solutions. This product knowledge allows us to provide our clients with objective recommendations on the right hiring tests, whether technical in nature or related to behavioral assessment methodologies. This ensures that you get the best available person based on the profile associated with the position you are looking to fill.

Multiple studies have shown that using tests during the hiring process significantly improves decision-making. Whether your assessment needs are related to supervisory capabilities, leadership, personal characteristics in a sales or the customer service function, our assessment catalogue has the right test you need.

In addition, these web-based assessments give you access to an impressive talent-related database that provides a clear picture of your organization’s current talent situation. This is made possible as each assessment provides detailed reports related to the profile you are looking for, information for supervisors who will manage these new hires such as areas for improvement as well as potential interview questions.

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Compmetrica assessment products allow you to identify and better select the people that will best contribute to the performance of your organization. Whether we are assessing values, personality, intelligence or abilities, this testing toolbox can offer you the necessary option for selecting the best candidate. A variety of assessments are available in the following categories:

  • Personality;
  • Cognitive;
  • Sales;
  • Managerial;
  • Contact Center;
  • And more … Values, interests, administrative support, technical, professional, workplace diversity, language, sports as well as health and workplace safety.