IBM-Kenexa Smarter Workforce

IBM Kenexa helps organizations build an impassioned and engaged workforce, to drive deeper client relationships and deliver better business outcomes. IBM Kenexa’s Smarter Workforce products combine the power of descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics and workforce science, with market-leading talent management and social collaboration solutions, to help organizations:

  • attract, engage, develop and retain the best talent
  • create an engaging, social and collaborative culture
  • connect people to the experts and resources needed to get work done

The Talentrix Group is a proud business partner and reseller of tools and technologies under the IBM Kenexa Smarter Workforce umbrella. For more information on products and services, visit out Talent Solutions page.

Primalogik 360

Primalogik offers a comprehensive solution for performance and feedback management for today’s workplaces. It was founded in 2012 by a team passionate about helping companies reach their full potential by promoting feedback and collaboration within their teams. Since then, Primalogik has helped hundreds of organizations around the world develop highly engaged teams and thrive. Primalogik is headquartered in Montreal, Canada.


SYNTELL is a solution provider in Business Intelligence (BI). Using a turnkey product with pre-configured modules combined with a full range of consulting services, SYNTELL delivers high-quality HR dashboards at a fraction of the cost.


Based in Montreal, Canada, Semeon combines the best semantic, sentiment, intent and statistical analysis. Thanks to its 100 person-years of experience with natural language processing systems, their team of experts have developed a unique platform that affords Semeon’s customers the ability to track what is being said about their brands, products, customers, competitors and helps them do so more rapidly and efficiently than with competing products. Semeon has also developed a strong expertise in the talent analytics and talent management specialty with the introduction of their powerful new product, Talent Match.


In business for the last 25 years, Inno-centre was recently recognized as a top-performing Canadian accelerator by a committee of venture capital specialists chosen by Finance Canada, as part of the Canada Accelerator and Incubator Program (CAIP) selection process. In 2012, the government of Mexico awarded Inno-Centre the Best International Accelerator Award.

The Talentrix Group is a proud partner of Inno-Centre, providing strategic support and advisory services in specific projects from within the over 100 companies Inno-Centre annually advises and who are at various stages in their development.


Over the years, EPSI has been called upon by numerous reputable organizations from around the world to provide expert advice on a variety of issues related to personnel selection and other assessment needs. Their expertise lies within the field of the development of credible standardized and custom-made tools, as well as the management of and integration of online solutions.