Managing a team and mobilizing resources to achieve a common objective requires that leaders must be able to objectively assess their abilities and then surround themselves with complimentary profiles. Leaders must also be able to have the tools and strategies available to help them introduce a change in their approach when the situation requires it, which has now become the norm as work environments evolve quicker than ever before.

It is therefore essential for organizations to provide a structured environment to support their leaders in their personal and professional growth on a wide range of topics such as of communication, negotiation, performance management, stress and conflict management or dealing with difficult personalities. This type of support is frequently identified as a source of motivation deemed very important by leaders during their career development path within an organization.

Although there are several development strategies and methods to achieve this, the Talentrix Group’s multidisciplinary team can support you in developing leadership skills within your organization through either a traditional training methodology or by a more personalized coaching approach.


Competency development can be achieved through a variety of different approaches and methodologies, including:

  • Creating a customized development plan for individuals (topics and behaviours to consider, academic readings, learning activities that can be applied in actual work environments, etc.);
  • Preparing and facilitating training workshops for groups in your organization;
  • Creating and implementing professional co-development groups in your organization;


When addressing leadership development concerns within an organization, we now know that coaching and personalized support (in an individual or group setting) is more likely to contribute to the sustained modification of a workplace behaviour than the traditional training approach that only focuses on interventions related to the “process” of integrating a behaviour into a person’s management philosophy. What are the advantages of choosing personalized coaching as an activity for the development of potential?

  • A customized approach tailored to the participant’s specific objectives;
  • Identification of metrics and indicators to assess the impact of the approach taken;
  • Provides the opportunity look back on actions that were taken and assess what needs to be modified, developed or maintained in the future;
  • Experiment with new approaches, behaviours and develop own solutions supported by continuous feedback;
  • Use what was learned in actual situations to achieve objectives in a more effective and efficient manner.