Philippe Longpré, Ph.D.

Advisory Board


Philippe Longpré is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at the Université de Sherbrooke. As part of his functions, he focuses on furthering the advancement of several themes related to psychometrics, assessment of potential, skills development as well as talent management. He does so by creating and directly participating in numerous research projects, notably on new methods for assessing skills and potential which are supported by the most recent technological advances: the use of social media, serious gaming, virtual tests and big-data analysis. He has also gained extensive experience in the field of human resources and business management research through his previous work experience in a management consulting company. During that time, he worked in partnership with organizations from different sectors and his expertise was sought-out in order to carry out various mandates associated with the assessment of potential and skills development.

Within the Talentrix Group, Mr. Longpré holds a seat on the Advisory Board. He brings to this committee an external viewpoint and sound advice that draws from his deep knowledge and in-depth understanding of the issues currently facing the talent management function. The Talentrix Group’s Advisory Board meets four times a year to discuss the organization’s broad orientations and is characterized by the diversity of its members’ skills in addition to those of its founders and managers.