What We Do

We are a dedicated and passionate group of professionals who actively promote the importance of talent analytics in HR activities and provide turnkey talent analytic solutions as a way for organizations to achieve excellence in both performance and employee engagement.

Talent Solutions

Talent Analytics & Survey

Using the latest methods in cognitive technology and artificial intelligence, the Talentrix Group provides organizations with dynamic data collection methods and analytical tools to manage big data and to develop actionable insights that can play a major role in the future success of an organization.

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Leadership & Talent Development

Managing a team and mobilizing resources to achieve a common objective requires that leaders must be able to objectively assess their abilities and then surround themselves with complimentary profiles. Leaders must also be able to have the tools and strategies available to help them introduce a change in their approach when the situation requires it, which has now become the norm as work environments evolve quicker than ever before.

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Strategic HR & Consulting Services

The Talentrix Group supports organizations in their goal of aligning their HR management strategies, systems and programs to support their mission and ultimately business success. We understand that each organization operates in a unique context and we create our strategies to reflect each one.

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Hiring Tests & the Assessment of Potential

When recruiting a new employee, managing a reorganization, an unexpected departure or planning a succession strategy, managers and their HR business partners may sometimes feel as though they are playing a game of chance if the right tool or approach is not being used to assess talent.

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The Talentrix Group’s HR Analytics Endeavor

As a professional working in human resources management, the call to incorporate analytics ...